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boasts she’s (Katie Price) been offered thousands to become a porn star

'boasts she’s (Katie Price) been offered thousands to become a porn star'

Katie Price
 Former glamour lady Katie price reportedly bragged concerning being offered remunerative deals to possess sex on camera

Katie price has reportedly boasted that she’s been offered thousands to become a creative activity star.

The tv star, UN agency rose to fame as glamour model Jordan, is claimed to possess told friends she's been offered pile to possess sex on camera, however she's turned each deal down.

Mum-of-five Katie, 40, is claimed to possess created the comments backstage at the G-A-Y creative activity Idol event in London last week.

A supply told The Sun Online: "She was inform at her bits and bragging concerning however she might have created her own creative activity movies different times and created a fortune."

During the bash, she flashed dismayed fans by whipping up her high to flash her boobs.

Video footage conjointly showed her talking concerning her ex-boyfriend Dane Bowers and also the size of his manhood.

Her wild antics area unit same to possess angered current man creese Boyson, UN agency reportedly drop her over the incident.

As well as a facelift, she conjointly had liposuction and a abdominoplasty.

It's hoped Katie and creese are able to place the row behind them as they take in the sun along on a romantic getaway.

has contacted Katie's representative for comment.

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