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Using Duplicate Gautam Gambhir For Campaigning, Claims AAP; Tweets Photo

Using Duplicate Gautam Gambhir  For Campaigning, Claims AAP; Tweets Photo

Gautam Gambhir
New Delhi:

the BJP's East urban center candidate ,Gautam Gambhir, , has placed his "duplicate" to campaign for him as he features a downside with the warmth, Delhi's Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia alleged on weekday, amid the continuing tussle between the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and therefore the BJP over the disputed pamphlet against AAP candidate Atishi. The AAP leader, in a very few tweets, conjointly shared the images of the alleged cheat, who, he says, may be a Congress leader.

"Have detected a few stunt double in movies, a runner in cricket, however have seen a replica in campaign for the primary time," adult male Sisodia tweeted in Hindi.

"This is that the mahamilawat between the Congress and therefore the BJP. Gautam Gambhir is sitting in associate air conditioned automobile. He has downside with the warmth. In his place, a replica sporting a cap is standing. employees ar garlanding the duplicate Gambhir. And this duplicate may be a Congress leader in point of fact," he added.

The East {delhi|Delhi|Old urban center|city|metropolis|urban center} body is popping bent be the foremost difficult seat in Delhi, with a conflict raging on between the 2 candidates-- Gautam Gambhir and Atishi.

The AAP candidate had recently raised technical objections, seeking adult male Gambhir's nomination. The requests were turned down by the committee.

On Th, Atishi bust down at a conference known as by the AAP, wherever leaders displayed a pamphlet packed with non secular and sexist attacks on the candidate. "If Gambhir will stoop thus low to defeat a robust girl like Maine, however will he guarantee security for ladies as associate MP?" asked the 37-year-old Oxford alumna.

On Friday, Mr Gambhir, United Nations agency had denied the allegation, sent a defamation notice through Union minister of finance Arun Jaitley's girl Sonali Jaitley to AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia and Atishi. The AAP candidate conjointly filed a criticism against her BJP rival with the urban center Commission for ladies.The women's body had asked the police whether or not it had filed a primary info Report or FIR over the circulation of the derogative pamphlets.

Mr Sisodia has conjointly warned adult male Gambhir that he would send a defamation suit.

"How is he filing a defamation case? we tend to ar those being defamed, we are going to file a defamation case against him. we are going to try and send a defamation notice to him these days. His party has supported the pamphlets and he has not questioned that," the urban center Education Minister told NDTV.

Delhi can choose the sixth part of the national election on might twelve. The count of votes can begin on might twenty three.

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