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Martin Greis Rosenthal Biography Height, Instagram, wife , fim, Images

Film Actor Martin Greis Rosenthal Bio

Martin Greis-Rosenthal borned October 9, 1980 in Brobyværk , Funen  and is a Danish actor graduated from the National Theater School in the 2004 .
Martin Greis Rosenthal
Martin Greis Rosenthal

Martin Greis Rosenthal CHARACTERISTICS

  • Height:5' 10 (178cm)
  • Weight:12st 4lb (78kg)
  • Playing Age:30 - 36
  • Eye Colour:Blue
  • Hair Colour:Blonde
  • Hair Length:Mid Length
  • Appearance:         Eastern European

Little description about Martin Greis

Martin:- I was born and raised in South Funen. Thatched half-timbered idyll in a safe and good village environment. My mother was a schoolteacher, and my father was a self-employed person. They were divorced when I was three years old, so I don't remember them being together, but I can remember both the pros and cons of two homes. When I was ten years old - and had a great deal of backing - my mother saw an advertisement in the newspaper for something called the Hans Christian Andersen Festival. She thought it might be a place for me to burn some spice, and she hit the spot, because there I was for the next many, many summers. My father was a little past India in the late 80's, where he got a guru. I was very inspired by the idea of ​​going out, seeing something new and experiencing the world. From my mother, I have inherited the Jutland grounding and the experience of a home, but the desire for adventure I inherited from my father. The idea that the horizon is as wide as you make it, and the sky is as high as you make it, has always drawn me. My mantra has always been to focus on the opportunities rather than the limitations. One of my mother's girlfriends was an opera singer and I saw how she was able to move because of her talent. From the small village on South Funen to singing on all the big scenes in the world. It was very inspiring to me that the art could move one out of the social context. My parents have always believed in me and my acting dreams, but I could feel that my mother was a little worried when I dropped out of high school and started at the Free Youth Education, where you could put together your education. But parents should be worried, and if my own children someday put me in the same situation, I would probably like it too. When I was 18, I then took the four-train to Copenhagen, applied to the State Theater School and was admitted.

Martin Greis Career path
Martin Greis debuted as a 10-year-old within the Odensean HC Andersen Festspil . In 2000 he was recorded in concert of the youngest ever at the State Theater faculty with, among others, Mille Dinesen and Beate Bille . He graduated in 2004.He is best illustrious for his roles as Kaj Holger's enterprising grandchild, Henrik, in DR's TV series The Chronicle , Poul author, the returning building heir, in TV 2's Badehotellet and numerous roles in Danish films like Steppeulven , Apr nine and Mikkel Serup's boxing film the most effective man regarding Jørgen "Old" Hansen , within the role of Svend Gehrs . what is more, from many major roles on the Danish theater scenes, wherever he has embraced a good repertoire starting from Ludvig Holberg to Alan aeronaut to Danish Christian Lollike. In 2007, he celebrated nice success within the hard to please leading role of prince Myshkin (The idiotwithin the Idiot when Dostoevsky's novel at the Aarhus Theater staged by Rune David Grue..

 Martin Greis has scan many audio books for Lindhardt & Ringhoff, Rosinante and Gyldendal. Among others: Liberty by Jakob Ejersbo , The Century triology by Ken Follett , the fantasy romance A song regarding ice and fire by George RR Martin greis and Jonas T Bengtsson's AN adventure .

Martin Greis wife

martin greis wife is a katrine rosenthal
she also actor
BornSeptember 19, 1985 (age 33 years), Gentofte, Denmark
Height1.7 m
SpouseMartin Greis (m. 2012)
Place of residence   ; Taarbæk , Copenhagen

Language Danish and English , knowledge of French , German and Norwegian

Martin Greis instagram

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